WATCH: Boy rescued from cave finally returns home to his family

Transcript for Boy rescued from cave finally returns home to his family

child neglect. Thank U, Victor. We turn overseas this evg and to aemble moment in Thailand. Oungest svo sharing his storyut his 18 dayspped in tt cave with our James Longman. Reporter: A reunion nearly a montin making. Little brothers and sisters jumping and shouting, titan is Nally home sitting next to his father, the youngest member of that soccer team telling me about theoment he was rescued. You K your heart that your dad was waiting for you outside? Ranslator: I thought my parents would be there, hys. We you surpd when you saw the whole world waiting for you? Reporter: I very surprised, yes, he says, with that big smile. The small boy who joked that thinking about food while they were tra only madeim hungrier, says he is eating a lot now, regaining strength. Today titas teammates the cave. He showed me the hthreads, tied on his wrists by the monks and family. A Al to help relieve S spirit. And David, and some ofhe other boys are preparing to spsoas monks themselvess a way of G thanks and moving on.

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