Show HN: ActiveDock:Improved dock for MacOS

Show HN: ActiveDock:Improved dock for MacOS
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Are you satisfied with the features Apple Dock provides?

Me not….

I created ActiveDock because the Mac Dock does not have the ability to switch between windows, change the appearance, and conveniently group elements, and does not allow you to hide unused items.

Main Features
– Window Previews Panel – allows you to view and switch between windows, as well as resize and move your windows
– Themes
– Groups and Folder Views – for convenient grouping of items – Start button to quickly launch applications and open folders
– and much more

I want to simplify the application and plan to rewrite 70-80% of the code in order to simplify the application and make it more intuitive.

Let me know what do you think.

I will be grateful for your feedback and advice.

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